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April 26, 2010
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X-X1 Bedivere KMF by TurinuZ X-X1 Bedivere KMF by TurinuZ
A Knightmare Frame produced a long time after the end of Emperor Lelouch's reign, when the Britannian Special Forces broke away from the country to form an independent nation hell-bent on restoring the nobility to power. The Bedivere is loosely descended from the Lancelot Albion, featuring most of the technologies developed for the frame and enhancing the features. Its Energy Wing Float System is integrated into the shoulders, and it features two large pile bunker-like arms infused with sakuradite, capable of easily punching through and blowing a Knightmare Frame into scrap metal by emitting hadron particles.

It did not help that the Bedivere was piloted by an extremely skilled and merciless pilot at the time; a Britannian Prince of quite the fame, who led an army of Edinburgh units through the battlefield and completely decimated the European Front, in order to expand his territory. The Bedivere became a bane to the Aesir Mercenary Forces aiding the EU on the front; many of its skilled pilots died at the hands of its raw close range offensive power; even the Prototype Einherjar, despite its powerful defensive capabilities, was blown away by this machine.

While the unit has been damaged considerably on several occasions, its durable build has prevented it from being completely annihilated, and with each repair it is further reinforced with updated technologies. In this regard, despite being a Ninth Generation model, at the hands of its pilot it can be said it's capable of taking on an Xth Generation Frame on equal standing.

This is a Franken designed by me and thus not an original, from-scratch creation, though it includes some original tweaks and parts in the design. Arts used belong to their original creators and not me.
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This Knightmare is cool but my question is what can it do and it's weapons?
TurinuZ Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Bedivere is essentially a Lancelot Albion designed for ground combat and devastating close combat potential. Its Energy Wing System has been internalized, reducing its aerial mobility and speed in exchange for focusing more energy potential into its primary weapons, the large MVS-Pile Bunkers mounted to its arms. Compared to the Guren SEITEN, its Pile Bunkers are literally "to the point". Any armor short of the Constantine's is instantly blown away by a single punch, leaving a nice big hole wherever it punched through. This ensures no survival for its targets; ejectable cockpits ain't got nothin' on its Pile Bunkers.

Beyond that, it has two pairs of rocket-propelled slash harkens with wire-guided capabilities, and it can use any weapon in the Britannian arsenal, including those used by the Lancelot Albion. To make up for its lack of aerial superiority, its land spinners are a heavy-duty improvement over the typical ones in use by other Knightmare Frames, doubling its ground speed even in steep terrain. Still, it'd be a bad idea to underestimate its aerial capabilities, especially if you try to get in close.
dont back to basics cause it may affect the movements and abilities of a knightmare,....
hey ! can you tell me where did you the FACT SPHERE,
i can't find it
where is the fact sphere located i mean, ^^
he reminds me of Lancelot Club
its so weird! i drew a knightmare frame up myself, just for fun and used the same name. :)
how do the pile bunker-like arms worck?
TurinuZ Aug 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
While the "pile bunkers" so to speak are stationary on the arms, a piston underneath them that sticks out through the rear and punches forwards when used. (Kind of like the Big O's Sudden Impact attack) This shoots hadron particles out the front like air pressure, that reacts to the sakuradite in the pile bunker that essentially gives it a literal "explosive piercing" punch. Overuse leads to eventual destruction of the weapon, but most enemies are usually destroyed after a single punch.

Not gonna lie; made that up on the spot. Never really thought how its pile bunker weapons actually worked aside from the effect. XD
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