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Type R-N50 Ninja KMF by TurinuZ Type R-N50 Ninja KMF by TurinuZ
The last of my currently designed Knightmare Frames. It wasn't originally shaded or detailed; it looked rather dull. But I figured since I was uploading it to DA, I'd get off my lazy ass and finally finish the design. Here it is, the actually completed Ninja KMF.


A Knightmare Frame designed during a joint venture between Kyoto House and Aesir, though it never saw production during that time due to the untimely demise of Kyoto House. It would eventually be rolled out a few decades later, retaining its model number but working for Aesir. The Ninja was originally designed to be a stealth version if Laksharta Chawla's Gekka, though over the years received considerable frame changes due to advances in technology. Thus, the new Eight Generation Ninja came to be.

The Ninja can be considered extremely "low-tech" in terms of what kind of equipment it uses. It lacks landspinners and an ejectable cockpit (purposely), and it has a unique pair of slash harkens that don't particularly work in the same way as your average ones, making their uses limited. It doesn't display the use of Gefjun Disturber technology either; countermeasures developed against it during the Special Forces Rebellion have rendered it mostly useless, except on large vehicles like submarines. Thus, the Ninja deploys a rather conventional means of stealth to deal with sensors.

Its legs have been reinforced, showing drastically improved hydraulics and shock absorbing capabilities, so when it moves, it isn't registered on ground sonar despite how fast it's running. A feature that allows it to disperse its heat into surrounding objects allows it to "blend" into the environment on infrared sensors. With these features, it's all up to the pilot to use them properly for stealth missions. Using a variety of kill-or-capture close range weapons, the Ninja can sneak up on unsuspecting targets and completely destroy or subdue them.

Only two Ninja units are rolled out by Aesir, and aren't even officially recognized as part of the organization, due to the nature of their missions. Their pilots, a pair of chinese siblings, are master assassins; their job is to take out specific targets on the battlefields, like figureheads and squadron leaders, as well as sabotaging research and development facilities. Out of the cockpit, they could be considered just as dangerous.

This is a Franken designed by me and thus not an original, from-scratch creation, though it includes some original tweaks and parts in the design. Arts used belong to their original creators and not me.
Zerg170 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
what kind of weapons dose it have? 
RYAN-POLK Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011
This is slash harkens knees?
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April 26, 2010
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