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December 11, 2011
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Frame Crash Weapon Set by TurinuZ Frame Crash Weapon Set by TurinuZ
Alright. Finally updated this with a bunch of new weapons I've developed alongside the Battle Frames I'm making. If you have any weapon suggestions for me to make, feel free to suggest them! Descriptions below for every weapon.

From top to bottom... (Added a new one up here)

Dart Crossbow - This particular crossbow fires a smaller type of bolt known as a Dart, firing two at once and reloading relatively faster than most other standard crossbows, though not the Automatic Crossbow. Designed primarily to hinder rather than damage, enough darts can easily disable a Battle Frame. It loads like a rifle, making it faster to reload.

Sheridan Custom Needle Gun - Fires thin nail-like needles at blinding speeds, with a spread similar to a shotgun. It makes no noise and while individual needles do little harm, they can cause extensive damage to armor and joints when they pile up. A pair of standard length blades attached to the underside add an additional threat to its enemies.

Sheridan Drill Dagger - A weapon designed specifically for tearing apart joints, these small daggers have blades capable of rotating at high speeds, allowing them to drill into lightly armored or unprotected parts of an enemy Battle Frame.

E-01B Assault Sword - This basic blade is packaged with the Standard Light Frame when becoming a Light Frame Pilot. The blade is built to last with defensive qualities on par with a shield. The curved edge makes it ideal for slashing lightly armored targets.

Devo Aire Katana - Custom-made by the Hildebrandt's pilot, the Devo Aire is a nearly indestructible katana with a very sharp edge designed with Iaido in mind. When drawn from the pressurized scabbard, it creates a vacuum of air that enhances cutting power.

Advanced Cannon Rifle/ Rail Cannon - Capable of being used only by the Ashbel, these powerful cannon rifles are normally quite destructive, but when attached to the Ashbel's rail generators on its back they can nearly triple their destructive force. Such an attack is enough to literally blow an unprotected Light Frame to pieces.

Standard Bayonet - Part of a series of multi-purpose weapons called Revolver Swords, the Standard Bayonet is a large blade with a firing mechanism attached to the back capable of firing one round every two seconds. Its effectiveness against multiple weight classes makes it popular, despite the fact its rushed production resulted in a large size and bulky weight.

Eastern Bayonet - This bayonet produced by a caravan company on the Frontier puts emphasis on weight and design, forgoing a bulky firing mechanism in favor of a single-shot multi-launcher on the back of a sleek, light-weight blade. The multi-launcher can load different types of bullets with unique effects, giving it a great deal of variety on the battlefield despite taking a long time to load.


Added a bunch of new weapons! Descriptions from top to bottom.

Muramasa Blades - Developed for the Muramasa Frame, these blades total six, worn on the side skirts of the Muramasa. Their simple design hides a fine craftsmanship that makes them swift and light compared to other swords. Even if one breaks, there's always another to take its place.

Giant Hammer - This large, two-handed hammer is the most basic of basic Large Hammers. It features a simple, durable construction that allows it to strike targets with a powerful blunt force, knocking them down or breaking poorly armored areas on a target.

Tsubasa Edge - Based on a weapon called the Ninja Edge (Currently not pictured), the Tsubasa Edge is an expertly machined blade covered in a special electrostatic coating to prevent the same decay that makes the Ninja Edge a fragile but powerful weapon. Even as it cuts through targets with relative ease, it retains its sharp edge.

Medium Shield - This Standard Shield is developed for Medium Frames, though it can be used by any weight class. It provides moderate coverage against attacks and is designed to be both mobile and sturdy.

Light Shield - This Standard Shield is developed for Light Frames, though it can be used by any weight class. Though it covers a smaller area compared to other shields, it's very light and easy to move with while providing a tough defense.

Gatling Shield - This large shield, designed for Heavy Frames, mounts a new revolutionary weapon underneath its defensive covering; a fully automatic rotary gun that fires several rounds per second in rapid succession. It provides a great defense and powerful offense, though it's a hassle to carry and reload its large cylindrical ammunition canisters.

Whithelm Rifle - Produced by Marker Technologies, the Whithelm Rifle is a favorite of the Military Police. Its light weight and steady aim make it a very functional standard rifle with functional semi-automatic firing and a mid-range sensor scope. It's considered the entry level rifle for novice pilots.

Double-barrel Shotgun - Also developed by Marker Technologies, the Double-barrel Shotgun is a manual load, two-shot weapon designed to pack a powerful close-range punch. Since the cartridges have to be loaded into each barrel manually however, it's slow to reload and requires an ammunition module on the Frame (provided with the weapon) to carry its rounds. When used effectively however, it can easily take down a charging Light Frame.
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