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ANS-00X Einherjar Line KMFs by TurinuZ ANS-00X Einherjar Line KMFs by TurinuZ
A Knightmare Frame produced by the Mercenary Organization Aesir, using stolen blueprints and technology from Britannia along with aid from Indian engineers. The Prototype Einherjar was the first to be rolled out, and featured a complex control cockpit and sluggish features; it wasn't so much a wildhorse as much as it was difficult to operate with its choice of controls. All in all, its performance was on par to that of the Sutherland, though at that time it could only operate at or near 30% functionality with its various test pilots.

As further testing simplified control features, more and more of its power and functionality came out as a result of its "Sakuradite Turbine Amplifier", which enhanced and increased the functionality of sakuradite in the frame. Unfortunately the Prototype Einherjar would be destroyed at the hands of the Bedivere, a more advanced and powerful unit, nearly killing the pilot; by the time of this battle, the Prototype was showcasing nearly 80% of its power, surpassing the Lancelot Air Cavalry in power and speed.

Its subsequent upgrade, the next of the line Einherjar, featured salvaged parts from the original; mainly the head and Turbine Amplifier. It also featured all around improvements in all areas, from control to maneuverability, speed and attack power. It would be even further upgraded into the Einherjar Luceid, which boasted extreme power on par with that of 9th generation frames, despite its lack of a energy wing system. The Einherjar would continue to operate throughout the latter parts of the war and well after the war ended, and much of its self-evolving enhancements were eventually implemented in other designs, like the Justine and Equitess.

Figured I'd start grouping similar machines together, as it'd reduce the number of things I have to put up while maintaining image quality. The Einherjar Line are all technically one Knightmare Frame anyways; parts of the destroyed Prototype went into the Einherjar, and the Einherjar Luceid is a self-evolved form of the original, which adapted and upgraded its own parts at the behest of the nanomachines composing its frame.

This is a Franken designed by me and thus not an original, from-scratch creation, though it includes some original tweaks and parts in the design. Arts used belong to their original creators and not me.
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Ironcross13 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The design is very impressive. But the thing that intrigued me was the background story of the units. The wording is so convincing that an outsider might believe its from the original Code Geass series.
inuyashah2 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Student Filmographer
GreatWingWolf Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awsome, think you could teach me your coloring technique, maybe color in my Echo knightmare frame
RYAN-POLK Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
fuking good
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